Live Online Pokie Tournaments Guide In Australia

Playing online pokies australia give you fun and entertainment. You get to win some payouts, too. When you feel the need to shift to another game to break the monotony and get more action, your next best bet is playing live online pokie tournaments.

This is the same online pokie game where you will be competing with other online pokie players who are logged on to the same tournament game. The same rules of online pokie game apply to online pokie tournaments. The only variation is with the starting game play where each tournament player is given a fixed number of coins and a specified play time period to use those coins as wager.

As you log-on to your favourite online pokie site, you can join a tournament game by clicking the ‘Tournaments’ button. Every online casino site has different schedules and schemes for their own online pokie tournaments. Take time to check those details before you log-on. After clicking the ‘Tournaments’ button, you will see a button that says, ‘Scheduled or Sit and Go Tournaments’. Other sites may have a different label for this button similar to the option between a Scheduled tournament and an Ongoing Tournament.

Scheduled Tournaments follow a specific date and time. Online casino sites have scheduled tournaments every day, with variations on start time. They follow real time, so make sure you are aware of the different time zones if you are playing from another place.
Sit and Go Tournaments are open ongoing tournaments which start even with only five players logged-in. As soon as the minimum number of players is satisfied, the tournament game will commence right away. You can join this tournament anytime but the game will start about half a minute after the last registered player. Make sure you sit it out while waiting for the game to start or else you will miss the game.

Each player will take turns spinning the reels and at the end of the tournament session, the players with the most winnings will be declared as the official tournament winners. Tournament games may have one to as many as 100 winners.

Most casino sites give out cash prizes for online pokie tournament games. Others have another feature that allows you to automatically qualify to the next tournament without paying. This is sometimes called feeder tournaments. If you opt for this and you did not play in the next tournament, you have forfeited the prize in favour of the casino site. Make sure that you are available to play in the next tournament before clicking this option. Otherwise, it will be better to just take the cash prize option. The prize will be transferred to your online pokies account.

Getting to Know the Aussie Online Pokies

In the US and in other parts of the world, it is called and known as online slot machine. In Australia, it is called online pokie machine. Online pokie is the most played online game in the world today and the most famous type is the five-reel version with special symbols displayed like the Wild and the Scatter. These special symbols may cause the player to have a bonus game which can come in three forms – pick-a-prize, free spins or pyramid type.

Online Pokie Buttons

There are no known surefire ways to control or influence the outcome of online pokies. Getting familiar with the buttons which can be seen from the screen of your desktop PC or laptop can help you go about the game with so much ease. Usually found just at the bottom of the game screen, these buttons may also be found anywhere around the screen.

  • Collect button allows the player to take his winnings from the betting board. Pressing this button will automatically add your winnings to your bankroll and will be part of the amount allocated for wagers or bets.
  • Credit button indicates the credits placed as wager.
  • Take Win button gives the player the option to collect winnings from Gamble feature.
  • Five buttons corresponding to payline, amount per payline, number of coins and spin are found in every game screen. Pressing each of the four buttons will give the wager or bet which is the amount of lines per spin. The spin button will get the reels to spin and will change to stop button which you can press if you wish the spinning to stop to get your results combination.
  • Gamble button may be pressed after winning to activate the Gamble feature of the game. Similarly, a Free Spin or Bonus Spin button may also be found to activate these special game features.

Other Features

Online pokie machines use regular symbols which are usually depictive of the game’s theme, or deck card symbols of Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. These symbols are used in gamble feature which is activated after a winning spin.

A random number generator otherwise known as RNG chooses the symbols that would appear on the screen for every spin. There is no way to predict the symbol for every spin made. One can only share in the thrill and excitement felt by other players who are raking in the winnings. With patience, maybe luck will turn around in your favour the next time you play online pokie.

Payout percentage of 87% to as much as 99% is given by some online pokie machines. The total earnings of a machine are calculated to give the allowed percentage payout in accordance with the regulation requirements.

Most online casino houses offer online pokie with practice play feature. This will help new players to get familiar with the game, practice and enhance their spinning speed and get familiar with the other buttons and how to go about each online pokie game.

After knowing the details of the Aussie online pokie game and after playing practice play feature, a player is all set to conquer the exciting world of Aussie online pokies.

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